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AOKMAN Custom Made Parallel Shaft Gearboxes for Ball Mill

Oct 11, 2022
AOKMAN can provide the solutions and complete drive units for ball mill.
The supply scope including
- Main gearbox and auxiliary drive gearbox
- Main motor and auxiliary motor
- HSS coupling & LSS coupling
- Oil lubrication unit
- Other parts as required

The photos show the gearboxes AOKMAN provided for one valued customer, application equipment is the ball mill.
The gearbox model is ZLY1100, ratio 9, input power 3500 KW, with dual input shafts, and oil lubrication unit.

AOKMAN Parallel Shaft Gearboxes for Ball Mill

AOKMAN Parallel Shaft Gearboxes for Ball Mill

AOKMAN can provide the gearboxes from the standard series, custom made design or the reliable replacement of gearboxes from other third-party brands.
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