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With a modern manufacturing facility of 800,000 square meters, AOKMAN has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical power transmissions for the industrial market. More than 200,000 AOKMAN gearboxes are in operation in approximately 105 countries every year.

With advanced technology and infrastructure comparable to the world's largest factories, AOKMAN is considered a reliable gearbox company in the field of gearboxes, gearmotors, accessories and services.

We offer a comprehensive range of products for various applications in all major process industries.
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Today, We continues to grow in serving customers around the world. "As 2022 marks our 40 years in business, we’d like to say thank you. Thank you to our many long time loyal customers. Thank you to our hardworking employees who get the job done every day.And thank you to everyone who has believed, and continues to believe, in our group."
In 2013, we established global marketing department to focus our strategy development and core market. As a leader in the manufacturing of special industrial gear units, standard gear-reducer, our production line provides the user with drive solutions for different industries, such as cement, mining, sugar mill,metallurgical. We have state-of-the art facilities, quality management system which ensures quality complying with international standard ISO DIN and AGMA. Our Imported equipment from Germany such as CNC gear teeth grinders and milling cutters, the Niles and Hofler gear controller allow for ideal precision. We assure you will get the utmost reliability and security for both product and services.
In 2000, our trolley reducer was used in the aerospace industry firstly,The superior performance was recognized by the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. In 2002, the company established the first factory-run provincial-level reducer research institute. The TL modular combined gear reducer has been included in the National Torch Plan, the National Key New Products in China. In 2003, We invested 12,000,000 CNY to build a new "Science and Technology Industrial Park". In 2004, we passed the certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety trinity of China Committee, and the confirmation of measurement system.
In 2006, the board of directors decided to merge the research institute and technology department to form Engineering Technology Research Center. The center established a strategic direction for the development of gearbox products for wind power, nuclear power, environmental protection and energy saving.Quality products, good reputation and satisfactory service have attracted the attention of the world's major tire manufacturers, and become the designated supplier of the French Michelin Company, the Japanese Tokyo Outer Company, and the Italian Peel Company. In June 2008, the National Standardization Committee established the secretariat of the National Reducer Standardization Technical Committee in our factory. We was listed as a high-tech enterprise. At the end of 2008, the nuclear power circulating water pump drive gearbox developed by us was recognized by the American Flowserve Corporation.
With 10 years continuous exploration, we successfully developed cycloidal pinwheel reducer, hard tooth surface reducer and worm gear reducer consecutively, production capacity and annual sales are the national champion in 1992.
In 1993, The export of hard tooth surface reducers marks that our reducers have entered the international stage.Meantime, we developed a batch of new products with independent intellectual property rights, such as WH series arc cylindrical worm reducer, cycloidal roller, planetary gearbox and other products, which filled the domestic gap.
In 1999, we passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and ISO10012 measurement system.
AOKMAN factory dates back to 1982. It firstly mainly served many local factories in the surrounding area.
In 1988, we took 1,000,000 CNY to expand 8 workshops with a total area of 2456.8 square meters, meantime Invested 200,000 CNY to purchase drilling machine, lathe and other equipment.